Economic Ninja

Ninja Nation

Entrepreneur since I started selling candy in the 6th grade. I thrive on challenges, economics and business. I have “a super human thirst for economic knowledge.”


I Allegedly

Some things in life just haven’t been proven yet.

Joseph Brown

Heresy Financial

Teaching how money works so you can make more, keep more, and give more.

Gregory Mannarino

Robert Kientz

GoldSilver Pros

Our channel is about teaching you the ins and outs of the gold and silver markets, macroeconomics, and more. Take control of your investing and stop giving your money to middlemen.

Patrick Hakim

Patrick Hakim


I’m passionate about my faith, family, freedom, and serving my community. My mission at SatPulse is to equip you with the essential information and tools to make informed financial decisions in the ever-changing world of investments in the face of inflation.

Patrick Hakim

Chris Taylor

Financial Prepper

Debt free and prepared. My channel is to help warn everybody. That will listen. The next 10 years are going to look nothing like the last. We talk finances, precious metals (gold, silver and junior miner stocks) along with ways to purchase them including a Self Directed IRA.

Jack Gamble

Nobody Special Finance

There’s nothing special about me. I’m just a decent investor with a knack for stretching my dollars. Live Small. Dream Big. Definitely not a financial advisor.

Patrick Hakim

Chris Rice

Rice TVx [Rice Crypto TV]

RiceTVx covers Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Technology, Economics, Financial & Political News!

Lisa Davis

Litecoin Lisa

I love my country and my community and will continue to fight for freedom until my last breath! Join me on a journey of finding freedom through accepting personal responsibility at

Jesse Roberge

The Shielded Prepper

The basics of being prepared are simple and the activities to achieve being prepared require work. Let’s work together and “Build Our Shield Of Protection” around those that are important to us.

Blaine Silverman

World Money Wins

Using YouTube as a platform to share my experiences in stacking.