Nathan Wilson & Amanda Lehmann

Nathan Wilson & Amanda Lehmann

Nathan Wilson & Amanda Lehmann

Independence Money

Nathan Wilson

Certified Tax Specialist™ | Certified Estate and Trust Specialist™

Nathan Wilson is passionate about protecting small business owners and retirees with tax strategies to reduce their tax burden, which is why he is a Certified Tax Specialist (CTS)™. If it’s not theft of taxes taking hard-earned profits, it’s the predators exploiting liability. After learning how business owners frequently encounter liability, he became a Certified Estate & Trust Specialist™. He understands that your business is valuable and needs to be included in your estate and tax plan. Nathan has been a 30-year entrepreneur with over 22-years of experience in investment advisory services and founded Independence Money.

Amanda Lehmann

Financial Consultant | Real Estate Specialist

Amanda has worked extensively in both the residential and commercial real estate industry, specializing in property valuation and underwriting. She is also a licensed investment advisor and life insurance agent, combining all these skills to create superior portfolios for clients. She also is knowledgeable about international real estate, tax strategies, and precious metals.

- Aug 31, 2022 -
1:00 PM
1:45 PM

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Get Ready For the Theft of Taxation: Tax Strategies to Protect Yourself

Nathan Wilson & Amanda Lehmann - Independence Money

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