Bob Coleman

Bob Coleman

Bob Coleman

Founder | Idaho Armored Vaults

Bob Coleman has been in the investment management industry since 1992. He founded Profits Plus Capital Management (a Registered Investment Advisor) in 2001 to provide intelligent research, consulting, and portfolio management services to high-net-worth investors and institutions.

Idaho Armored Vaults was founded in 2008 to protect financial assets and private property outside the financial system from numerous risks, including systemic and counterparty risks. This unique vertically integrated structure procures, transports, stores, and provides extensive liquidity using physical precious metals.

From retail and high-net-worth individuals to family offices and institutions, Profits Plus Precious Metals offers the most competitive pricing globally for buying and selling precious metals products.

Idaho Armored Vaults is globally recognized as a storage leader for safekeeping assets outside the financial system. Clients have a direct full-service depository relationship which includes fully segregated storage, armored transport, and logistical services.

No other program has put together such a diverse and comprehensive approach to protecting and safeguarding clients’ wealth and property.

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