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Coin Trading Company

The Coin Trading Company was founded in September of 2016 by Jesse Parsons and Eli Dickison. Glenn Hay-Roe joined the Coin Trading Company Team in June of 2017, and Eli Dickison moved on to other opportunities in November of 2018.

The Coin Trading Company has traded greater than $82 million USD in digital assets over that time, including over 2,400 Bitcoin, as well as numerous other digital assets. Our average monthly volume has been as high as 300 Bitcoin per month, with an average monthly trading volume of over $1.4 million USD.

The Coin Trading Company provides seamless access to liquidity to serve both novice and veteran counterparties on a principal-to-principal basis, and we routinely service trades from our $2,000 minimum trade amount into the millions of dollars per trade.

The Coin Trading Company has a robust KYC (Know Your Counterparty) process that includes online and direct verification and authentication of identity to ensure that our trading partners are not on any government watchlists related to terrorism or money laundering.

The Coin Trading Company has banking relationships that enable us to receive and process payments in the millions of dollars, and has access to employee and contractor resources that enable us to grow and scale to meet the demands of increased business volume in the future.

We are fully compliant with all government regulations, and are a Registered LLC in the state of Wyoming.